New horizon

Begin your online tour of New Taipei with a few mouse clicks! All the world-class scenery of New Taipei is brought to you through high-definition, 360-degree photos and videos, aerial photography that transcends daily experiences, and comprehensive information about the attractions. Visitors are taken to popular attractions in New Taipei to immerse themselves in the enchanting scenery of New Taipei, such as the seaside and Tamsui river, the magical Shuinandong, the gold-digging history of Jiufen and Jinguashi, and the ancient trails and railways of San-mu-hou. Visitors will be amazed and touched in many different ways.

Tamsui seaside

The immersive experiences will take visitors flying over the sky, through the town, and to Tamsui river and Fab Green Village, as well as the ancient Fort San Domingo. All of Tamsui’s beauty will be right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!


  • Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

    Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf



  • Fort San Domingo

    Fort San Domingo

  • Tamsui Customs Wharf Park Area

    Tamsui Customs Wharf Park Area

  • Tamsui Wharf

    Tamsui Wharf

Shuinandong area

An amazing trip to the mountainous seaside! Overlook the quiet Liandong Village, natural Yin-and-Yang sea, and the remains of the 13 Levels. The history and useful travel tips for all attractions are readily available. The immersive experiences are the best way to start your journey to the beautiful Shuinandong.


  • Yinyang Sea

    Yinyang Sea

  • Remains of the 13 Levels

    Remains of the 13 Levels

  • Liandongli


  • Shui Nan Dong Golden Waterfall

    Shui Nan Dong Golden Waterfall


Travel to the most glorious past of New Taipei. Go deep into the alleys of Jiufen and immerse yourselves in the mountain town where the virtual and the reality meet. Spread your wings and fly over Teapot Mountain. Enjoy Jinguashi from a never-before-seen angle. Wander among the mountains and sea for a fabulous feast for your eyes!

List of Attractions

  • Jiufen Old Street

    Jiufen Old Street

  • Keelung Mountain

    Keelung Mountain

  • Jinguashi


  • Teapot Mountain

    Teapot Mountain

  • Gold Museum

    Gold Museum


Shuffle through the mountains and forests where the Tamsui-Kavalan Trails and the century-old railway meet. Zoom into Houtong, Sandiaoling, and Mudan: Discover the coal-mining history of Houtong Cat Village. Appreciate Keelung River Valley of Sandiaoling and the S-shaped train passing through Mudan from the sky. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the quaint little mountain town.

List of Attractions

  • Houtong


  • Tamsui-Kavalan Trails(Jinzibei)

    Tamsui-Kavalan Trails(Jinzibei)

  • Keelung River potholes

    Keelung River potholes

  • Sandiaoling


  • Mudan