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Bitan Scenic Area

Bitan Scenic Area

Have fun boating, tour the riverside by bike, and enjoy the lights at night.
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Updates : 2024-06-23

Travel tips

  • The cliff on the west bank of Bitan is inscribed with the Chinese characters "Bitan." Because of its gorgeous panorama, Bitan has been dubbed "Little Chibi."
  • Visit the restaurant with the good view of the scenery and moonlight at the commercial district on the east bank of Bitan.
  • Parents and kids can have fun boating or biking along the riverside.
  • Enjoy the lighting view of the suspension bridge and shops at night and the glittering waters.
  • Walking on the Hemeishan Trail on the west bank and enjoying the blinking fireflies in summer.


Bitan was one of "Taiwan's Eight Views and Twelve Wonders". There are many theories regarding naming of Bitan. One was the emerald lake water, and another was the magnificent cliff along the river. Nevertheless, both describe the beauty of Bitan’s lake and mountain.

When you visit Bitan, do not miss the installation art and the stairway paintings on the east bank as well as southeast Asian cuisine in a scenic restaurant, and do get some snacks and drinks in the riverside commercial district. Then, stroll to the west bank of Bitan by crossing the Bitan Suspension Bridge and walk up to the Bi-ting gazebo above the "Bitan" inscription to overlook the scenery. In addition, you may take the blue line of the Hemeishan Trail to admire the woods and lake, or the green line to reach the top and overlook the Nangang Mountain and Taipei 101.
Bitan Scenic Area

Don't forget to enjoy a boat ride on the lake. Passengers can choose pedal or motored boats to appreciate the scenery of the riverbank and Little Chibi up close. Bitan will look entirely differently when night falls. The dazzling lights of the shops and the suspension bridge illuminate the riverbank, creating an air of nighttime romance. It is worth taking a stroll to relish Bitan’s very detail.
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