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Tamsui Old Street

Tamsui Old Street

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Tamsui Old Street is divided into the inner and outer side. The outer street is the golden anchor walkway of Tamsui river coast, while the inner side is a traditional old street lined with bustling shops. There are faithfully traditional pastry shops, groceries and stores selling trendy outfits and toys. The popular foods in the area include A Gei, fish ball, fried fish crackers, traditionally baked cake, Granny’s iron eggs, etc. are all must try goodies. In the evening, the beautiful scenery of the sun setting below the ocean horizon can be seen along the golden anchor walkway.

“Traditionally Baked Cake” is made with fresh milk. The rich egg pancake aroma wafts from the oven when taken out. It may look plain in appearance, but the silky texture is unforgettable. It is a local souvenir not to be missed and an extremely popular cuisine in Tamsui with a long waiting line.

The must try local snack “A-Gei” is transliterated partly from the Japanese word of “Oiled Tofu”. Prepared by emptying the center of the Tofu, adding fried clear noodles and soaking in marinade, then sealed off with fish mince and steamed. Sweet sour sauce or secret recipe of the store is poured on top before serving.
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