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Yinghan Peak (Yinghanling)

Yinghan Peak (Yinghanling)

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Updates : 2023-05-16

Travel tips

  • A platform that gives an absolutely stunning view of the Taipei Metropolitan Area
  • An exercise-grade trail that helps hikers to train their physique and mind
  • A popular hiking route and is known as one of the “Top 100 Representative Suburban Mountain of Taiwan”
  • The “mist shrouded basin” is known as one of the eight major landscapes of Tamsui
  • A migratory place for birds of prey, allowing visitors to watch birds in the blossom season


Known as Guanyi Mountain’s first peak, Yinghan Peak (Yinghanling) is located at an altitude of 616 m. Guanyin Mountain is located on the left bank of Tamsui River and crosses over Wugu, Bali and Linkou administration districts. The Mountain was named after its shape of a lying Guanyin and it also has a number of temples that enshrines Guanyin buddha. Guanyin Mountain is a cone-shaped volcano that belongs to Tatun Volcano Group. It is also known for the view of “mist shrouded basin”, known as one of the eight major landscapes of Tamsui, when the ocean water vapor brought by the monsoon turns into changing clouds floating in the mountain.
Yinghan Peak

Come here to be a tough guy and leave as a tough guy
Formerly known as “Guanyin Historical Trail”, Yinghan (literally refers to “tough guy”) Peak became known in the 1960s as the Military Police School at the time used to train students here for the “tough guy spirit”. Yinghan Peak has 14.87% of slopes and is known as a relatively steeper Level 2 slope. The distance of a single trip is around 1563 m and the trail is formed mostly by stone steps. For those who walk slowly, it will take around 60 minutes to reach Yinghan Peak at the peak. Therefore, this is considered as a training-class trail. On top of Yinghan Peak, there is an archway carved with “Walk on the difficult path and carry a pole with heavy loads” on the uphill side and “Come here to be a tough guy and leave as a tough guy” on the downhill side to courage hikers to continuously train their physique and mind.
Yinghan Peak

Overlooking the Taipei Metropolitan Area on the No.1 viewing platform at the estuary of Tamsui River
After you reach the viewing platform of Yinghan Peak, you will be able to overlook the Taipei Metropolitan Area from the top; and look at Taipei Port in Bali, where the Tamsui River meets the ocean, Tamsui historic sites, Tatun Volcano Group, Guandu Bridge, Taipei 101, Xinbei bridge and the 18 peaks next to Guanyin mountain into a distance. Apart from the stunning view of the mountains, ocean, rivers and cities, Guanyin Mountain is also an important migratory place for eagles and falcons; and has therefore attracted many bird enthusiasts to the place.
Yinghan Peak
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