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Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen Old Street

Tourists from all over the country are attracted by the retro buildings and unique landscape of sloping fields in this mountain city.
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Updates : 2023-09-23

Travel tips

  • The shooting location of the movie “A City of Sadness”
  • The Old Street look differently in the morning and at night in different seasons. It is worth wandering on this street
  • Admire the fascinating lights at night
  • Near attractions of Teapot Mountain, Yinyang Sea and more


Jiufen, which was rich in gold mines in the early days, has the good name of “Golden Mountain City”. The settlements were prosperous due to the influx of gold miners, but then became quiet after the decline of gold mining. In the 1980s, the movie “A City of Sadness” came to Juifen for shooting. The beauty of the mountains and seas, the retro buildings and unique landscape of sloping fields in Juifen hit the big screen, which makes it one of the fascinating mountain cities to domestic and foreign tourists.
Jiufen Old Street

The small stores in the twisting alleyways of Juifen

The narrow street of Juifen Old Street, which goes along the hill, has gathered all kinds of stores. The good smell of the traditional food is everywhere. You must try the classic snacks in Juifen, such as taro balls, meatballs, chháu-á-kóe (mugwort rice cake), and more. Besides, there are antique toys, special Taiwanese souvenirs and other dazzling array shopping options for tourists to choose from. Tourists can explore the unknown in the lanes and alleys in Juifen, and admire its beauty from different angles.
Jiufen Old Street

Walk into the tea houses and theaters to feel the charm of culture in Juifen

If you want to stay away from the crowd and rest, you may walk into a tea house, get to know the culture of drinking tea, appreciate the fine tea sets, have a cake to go with your tea and enjoy the peaceful time. You may also step into Shengping Theater, the first stage in Juifen. The retro ticket window, old movie posters and snack stores in the theater present the style of 1960s. It’s worth exploring for tourists coming to experience the atmosphere of the old theater.
Jiufen Old Street

Services & Facilities

  • Bus Station
  • Public Restroom
  • Parking Lot
  • Police Station
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