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Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring

Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring

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Updates : 2022-12-05


The area is mainly divided into JinBaoLi hot spring, Huanggang hot spring, and Jiatou(Wanli) hot spring. “Hot spring baths with an ocean view” is the fantastically unique site here. There are carbonate springs, sulfur springs, chloride springs, white sulfur and the special “Ocean Hot Spring”. There are currently 11 countries in the world with ocean hot springs, and one of them is here. Ocean watching and hot spring bathing can be done at the same time. The water is slightly acidic, which not only moisturizes the skin but also stimulates blood circulation.

Information on hot spring resorts is shown below:

Take the “862 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle- Crown Northern Coastline” going towards “MRT Tamsui Station” from “Jiatouli (Hot Spring Area)” and disembark at “MRT Tamsui

Station”, then transfer to Taipei MRT and arrive at Taipei Main Station.

If a Taxi is needed, mobile phone roaming service can be applied in advance and dial 55688 for taxi (the largest Taxi chain in Taiwan-Taiwan Taxi); or contact Taiwan Taxi Tourism Association for reservation.

Phone : +886-989975858

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