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Former British Consulate

Former British Consulate

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Located on the east side of the Fortress San Domingo, "The residence of the British Consulate" is a western building built with red brick and designed with a corridor. The brick building is designed by a British architect and the construction is done by Chinese technicians. By using Chinese building materials, red-brick built house, arched corridors, sloping roofs and high steps successfully demonstrate a typical colonial featured architecture. A DIY class is scheduled every weekend. The theme in December is "History Jigsaw experience activity." Through puzzled patterns, it' easy to understand the geometric composition of the consular residence floor.

The residence of the British Consulate is a two-story western house built by a British in 1891. On the exterior wall, the "VR 1891" brick-carved pattern and vase-shaped rails were exquisitely created. The kind of foreign houses built in the 19th century during the colonial period by the British in the trading area of East Asia and South Pacific is generally called "Colonial-type architecture." The south gate is the gateway to the outdoors and was built with Guanyi Rocks. Ahead of the western house, a lawn is one of its distinctive features. With the main two-story body with the design of brick-built corridor is the popular "Bangalow" type structure that can be found in British colonies. It's a western house built in the style of the Victorian-period.


(April to October, only apply only to the outdoor area): Monday through Friday 17:00—20:00, Saturday and Sunday 18:00—20:00. Off days: The first Monday every month (Whenever it's a national holiday, the area is open, and the next day will be closed.), Chinese New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Day, the offwork days announced by the government due to natural disasters; other necessary off days will be announced separately.
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