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Tamsui’s Chongjian Street

Tamsui’s Chongjian Street

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Updates : 2022-07-29


The Tamsui Old Street you visit is not the real Tamsui old street! When visitors come to Tamsui, they would always want to walk around the Old Street. But Zhongzheng Road that is always filled with tourists now is actually not the Tamsui Old Street from the earliest days – the real Old Street is Chongjian Street that is one block away! One can see that the crowd thins out as one walks from Zhongzheng Road to Chongjian Street, but this Chongjian Street that most tourists are not familiar with has been developed as early as more than two centuries ago and is Tamsui’s first business street. Constructed following the terrain of the mountain, the street has become a new cultural and creative attraction after its transformation. At the street, tourists will see classic old mansions meet mischievous wall paintings, and it also offers Taiwan’s only stair market that operates from time to time.
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