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Shen’ao rail bike

Shen’ao rail bike

Ride the blowfish bike to see the beautiful scene of the mountains and seas and the light sculpture tunnel.
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Updates : 2022-08-16

Travel tips

  • Temporarily closed
  • The bike trail is 1.3 kilometers long. Tourists can get on their bikes from Badouzi station or Shenao station.
  • The bottom of the sea atmosphere that the light sculpture tunnel creates will make you feel like you are in a dream.
  • You are able to see the seascape in sections from Badouzi to Shenao.
  • In the Shenao section, you also can visit the attractions such as Shenao Fishing Port, Trunk Rock and more.
  • Don’t forget to make a reservation, or you will have to wait for a seat when you get there.


The Shenao Railway was originally used to transport coal. Now it has become the only rail bike trail with seascape in Taiwan. It is 1.3 kilometers long and starts from Badouzi station to Shenao station. One way riding is about 20 minutes and there are the views of mountains and seas along the way to keep you company. When passing by the residential area, you may also take pictures with the color painted residences mingled with local characteristics and admire the sea style patterns of Badouzi that stretches all the way to the style of mine craters of Shenao station.


When riding through the light sculpture tunnel on the Blowfish Bike, don’t forget to lift your head and see the beautiful light sculpture around you. The light that changes with music will make you feel like you are at the bottom of the sea. After getting out of the tunnel, you will see the relic of Jianji Mine, which was the former largest coal power plant in Southeast Asia. By riding the bike, one may enjoy the local history and humanities.




Services & Facilities

  • Parking Lot

Admission charge

Single trip cost:NT$150,Return ticket:NT$250


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