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Shenao Fishing Port

Shenao Fishing Port

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Updates : 2021-12-18


Shenao Fishing Port in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, formerly known as "Fanziao," is located on the Shenao headland. It is known for its vast recreational fishing area where the surrounding rocky shore is ideal for rock fishing. It is also the fishing port with the largest number of sea fishing boats in Taiwan. Whether you are heading to the fish-rich waters of Keelung Island or the three northern islets (Huaping Islet, Pengjia Islet, and Mianhua Islet), you can find a boat with experienced boatman to hire in Shenao Fishing Port.

Shenao Fishing Port is also the most important port of departure for sea fishing boats. You can charter boats to visit Shenao Elephant Trunk Rock and Bitou Cape Warship Rock, which also use this port as the main port of departure. In addition to being an excellent place for rock fishing, it is also the fishing port with the largest number of sea fishing boats in Taiwan and an important port of departure. On the boat you can see Elephant Trunk Rock and Bitou Cape Warship Rock in the distance.

In 2018, the 310-meter-long Haitian Walkway/viewing platform was built next to Shenao Fishing Port, offering a 270-degree ocean view. Here, you can overlook the beautiful mountain town of Jiufen, watch the sparkling lights of fishing boats on the sea, and take photos with the squid art installations. The fishbone-shaped structure at the end of the platform is spectacular between the blue sea and the blue sky, making it a featured attraction in Shenao. At night, the walkway is transformed into a piece of beautiful light art. The rich colors form waves of light that are blended with the fishing fires on the sea and against the backdrop of the golden mountain town. Under the twinkling starlight, this place is romantic at night, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next time when you visit, after tasting the delicious local seafood, do consider taking a walk at Haitian Walkway at Shenao Fishing Port.

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