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The Dlcservice Cafe

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Updates : 2020-07-25
TEL 886-2-89433173
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Located close to the Jing'an MRT Station, the "Dlcservice cafe," which has a country-style decoration at the gate. Once you open the wooden door, the interior decoration gives people a very relaxing feel. There're small objects hanging on the walls, such as postcards and leather accessories. Exactly, it sells Japanese groceries. The decoration setting and the menu are usually changed every half a year. Every place in the shop has its signature, people can feel the owner's considerate design in the different corners. The shop provides coffee and food, including pancakes, homemade yogurt, light meals and lunch boxes. You don't see anything wrong, the Japanese-style meal boxes are the same as the ones in the Japanese dramas. The food arrangement makes people want to take more photos, and the abundant contents taste very delicious! Having lunch or an afternoon tea here is a warm and comfortable enjoyment as if you're at home.

Photos are provided by the Dlcservice Cafe

Opening Hours

12:00 - 21:00 / Weekend 11:00 - 21:00 / The shop is closed on Monday.
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