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Liu Biju Chaozhou Casserole Porridge

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Updates : 2020-07-25
TEL 886-2-29528813
(Please contact the industry for the actual price)


There're many different methods to cook porridge; Guangdong porridge and Taiwanese salty congee are the common cuisines for general customers. In recent years, the casserole porridge becomes popular in Banqiao due to the use of Taitung Guanshan Emperor Rice as the main ingredient; particularly, not until the guests make an order, the rice won't be put into the casserole. The rice is cooked with sea tangle broth and the nut sauce, which is a paste made of ground cashew nuts, pine nuts, peanuts, etc.; as a result, the broth tastes an extraordinary mellow and refreshing flavor, and it's strongly recommended by the gourmands who love porridge.

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