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Sanchong Sanhe Night Market

Sanchong Sanhe Night Market

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Updates : 2022-12-05


The Sanchong Sanhe Night Market originated from the historic Danshui River boating traffic. The night market is centered on Jhongyang N. Road and extends toward Sanhe Road and Wunhua N. Road. Many of the snack shops have been here for over 60 years!Oyster vermicelli is one of the classic Taiwanese snacks. Even born and raised in Taiwan, there are many Taiwanese who don’t eat oyster. If you are not a fan of oyster, Hsiaolong, the first shop to the left on Jhongyang N. Road after turning from Chongsin Road, is your best bet. Founded 10 years ago, Hsiaolong uses the hand-made vermicelli and spiced pork intestine, seasoning it with garlic, shacha, and rock sugar. Every bite is a treat. The 35-dollar vermicelli does not come with oyster. Don’t bother to order “Oyster vermicelli without oyster”.The most classic meatball is the Changhua meatball. The Wanlee on Changshou Street is owned and run by a Changhua local. Twenty years ago, Lin left Changhua to pursue his dream. His handmade meatballs, containing the top quality rear leg pork and bamboo shoots with the thin yet chewy coat, soon became the favorite of the picky Taipei residents. You can always be satisfied when you come hungry by having the Changhua meatball and meatball soup.
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