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Yonghe Lehua Night Market

Yonghe Lehua Night Market

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Updates : 2023-06-29

Travel tips

  • A rich feast of taste with classic Taiwanese street foods and Asian cuisine
  • A year-round night market
  • The most renowned tourist night market in New Taipei City
  • A visit to Dingxi Shopping District and Beyond Plaza on the way
  • Nearby MRT Dingxi Station and Yongan Market Station with an easy access


Tasting delicacies is always the most anticipated chapter during a trip. When coming to Yonghe District of New Taipei City, something that you should never miss is Lehua Night Market. Located in the heart of Yonghe, this market started to shape in the 1970s and has become a large night market that covers Yongping Road, section 1 of Baofu Road and Lane 18 of Baoping Road and connects to Dingxi Shopping District and Beyond Plaza to light up the night of Yonghe.
Yonghe Lehua Night Market

The kitchen of residences in Yonghe
Yonghe is the most densely populated administration district of the nation; and Lehua Night market that has converged over 300 food stands and restaurants comes first on the list of night life center in this region. This year-round night market, which is ablaze with lights as if it is a daytime, heals urbanites’ appetite and heart. Unlike conventional food and clothing stands in the night market, the Night Market’s food stands are located at two ends of Yongping Road, whereas its clothing and shoe stores are located in th middle section of the night market. This ingenious arrangement makes it convenient for the people to get what they like.
Yonghe Lehua Night Market

A feast of taste with appetizing delicacies
For those who love Taiwanese street foods, the delicacies at Lehua Night Market, such as deep-fried port ribs soup, oyster omelets, pork blood soup and fried dumplings, can definitely satisfy your appetite. The mellow soup with a heavy nice smell of white pepper, the tender and easy-to-bite deep-fried pork ribs and radish give a smoothly and nice taste! Apart from specially selected fresh oyster, the oyster omelet is made of tender water spinach instead of the conventionally used garland Chrysanthemum to give a unique taste. Besides, the pork blood soup is also seasoned with specially selected Shacha sauce (also known as Taiwanese barbeque sauce) to give a delicious taste; and the good taste of the tofu-like tender pork blood also lingers in the tongue. The crispy fried dumplings are filled with high-quality pork and leek sprouts. In the moment when you bite the dumpling, the full of flavorful soup will fill your mouth with delight, making it hard to stop eating all of them!
Yonghe Lehua Night Market
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