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Shifen Scenic Area

Shifen Scenic Area

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Updates : 2022-06-01


Shifen, which means there used to be ten families working together to build the home. Shifen Waterfall locates in Pingxi Township in Taipei County. It locates in the Shifen stop of the Pingxi railroad and the bus stop of Dahua at the upper part of the waterfalls in Keelung River. It is a great waterfall with the big force of the current vast. It is the greatest screen curtain style waterfall in Taiwan. The pond underneath the waterfall is very deep. The waterfall is like hundreds of soldiers and millions of horses running down. This gives you the feeling of a blanket of white silk satin falling into a great wide deep pond. The water of the waterfall forms hydrosphere flowing above the waterfall. When the sun shines, the reflection forms a rainbow showing the clear sky with the beautiful rainbow. That is why it has the name of rainbow pond Besides, because of the ways of the rock is opposite to the flow of water. It belongs to the contrary waterfall. shifen Station: Along Keelung river valley is the Pingxi branch railroad. It starts from Sandiaoling to Jingtong stand with the total length of 12.9 kilometers. It was built for coal transportation in 1918, and Pingxi branch railroad was selected to by the tour trail railroad in 1992. Shifen is one of the stands. The view near the station is beautiful scenery. The waterfall and the little anabranch make people affected amazement. Shifen Liao has rangy river tableland, and Pingxi branch railroad is passing through. It is the best place of recalling old memories and expressing homesickness. Many of the ad merchants came here to take the act. Glasses hole locates underneath the railway with the distance not far from Shifen Waterfall. The flow of the stream forms like the two holes of the glasses. That is why it named lasses holes.source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportasion and Communication
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