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Tamsui River Mangrove (Hongshulin) Conservation Area

Tamsui River Mangrove (Hongshulin) Conservation Area

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Updates : 2021-08-16


Located quite near the Hongshulin MRT station (the station just before the Tamsui Terminus) is the Hongshulin mangrove swamp, the largest area of homogenous mangrove swamp of a type called shuibitzai ; kandelia candel in Chinese. This type of mangrove, which is usually found in estuaries, has adapted to the salty waters that wash in with the tides. This fascinating environment is also full of riverside birds, such as egrets and snipes and there are over 30 kinds of crabs in the area. The best way of getting into the swamp is via the Mangrove Conservation Area which is located on Lane 50 of Waiganjenlin south of the Hongshulin MRT Station. On the second floor of the station is the Mangrove Swamp Exhibition Center where visitors can gain an understanding of the special ecology of the swamps.source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportasion and Communication

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  • Traveling_Sandy

    Southern California

    Pleasant stroll to Danshui

    5 2018-06

    We were on the way to Danshui, so we got off the MRT one station early to visit the mangrove reserve. We read the displays at the MRT ststion, then strolled through the reserve and continued on the co...
  • Andreas K

    Traveler type:


    Nice Mangrove forrest walking trail

    4 2017-12

    You take the red MRT line towards Danshui (Tamsui) and get off one station before the terminal station, i.e. at Hongshulin R27. In the MRT station building there is a small museum about the mangrove e...

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