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Bali Yacht Wharf

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Located next to the Left Bank Club in Bali, the Bali Yacht Wharf officially opened on 25 September 2005, and is the first of its kind in Taiwan. Occupying an area of 2,300 ping, the wharf will be combined with the Left Bank Club, the Suibizai Park and the Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology to form the culture-based Bali Left Bank Cultural Belt.As Taiwan's first wharf tailored for yachting, it is an ideal training venue for base-level yachters and a spot for displaying local features, thus promoting the yachting sport of Taipei County, the water sports of Taiwan, and the new local features.The Taipei County Government specially invited artists of the Outdoor Deaf Artists Association to make six yacht paintings on the ground based on the following subjects: light, wind, sea and power, in order to mark out the charity spirit with these 6 ground art decor works and to make the wharf more characteristic. Furthermore, to mark out the subject of wind, windmills in the shape of yachts are erected alongside the bank in order to turn the wharf into a new scenic spot covered with "the art of wind". When visiting there, don't forget to capture this beautiful scene with your camera.[source: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)]
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