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Teresa Teng Memorial Park (Yun Garden)

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Updates : 2019-01-31


Beautiful Flowers do not blossom all the year round; things are not always as rosy as they sound.These are the verses of the famous Mandarin pop song then Will You Come Back Again that had made its singer a singing legend in every Chinese speaking country. Once you entered Jin Bao Mountain, besides being besotted by the surrounding scenery, the memory of Teresa Teng, sometimes intimately called little Teng may overwhelm your emotion because it is here that lies the tomb of this patriotic singer who was the forever darling of the army. Just like the famous verse hings are not always rosy on May 8, 1995 the Chinese speaking community was shocked by the tragic news of the death of their singing idol. Teresa was found dead of asthma while holidaying in Ching Mai, Thailand. At that time she was only 43 years old. Because of her popularity, a lot of people wished to pay tribute to Teresa. To satisfy the wishes of these fans, the Teng family members had chosen the picturesque Jin Bao Mountain and built a tomb for Teresa, naming it after her maiden name as Yun Garden so that her fans could come to pay tribute in reminiscence of their idol at will.
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