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Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach

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Updates : 2023-06-05


Located at the estuary of the Shuangxi River in Gongliao, New Taipei City, Fulong has always been a famous beach in Taiwan. With gentle water flow and suitable sea conditions for water activities. Visitors can always have fun with canoeing, sailing, para-sailing, swimming, surfing, and water-skiing in Fulong. There are all kinds of water activities without fear as they are all near the beach, making it the ideal place for water activities in summer.

In addition, sand sculpture artists from dozens of countries will show off their sand sculptures at the “Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival” held from May to July every year. Then from July to August, the Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival comes next. This 3-5 days big musical event will invite bands from home and abroad to give concerts on the beach filled with sunshine, sand, wines and sunset. Visitors wishing to join the event should check the event calendar first.

Opening times of “Fulong Beach”: 08:30-18:00 daily. Ticket sales times: 08:30-17:30 daily. Ticket prices are subject to change based on individual events.

The “Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival” is a large musical event filled with sunshine, sand, wines and sunset held around July and August every year. Rock music fans must not miss this big event!
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