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Yanliao Beach Park

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Updates : 2023-05-10


Yanliao is located in Gongliao Township, Taipei County. It has beautiful beach and traditional fishing village. In Guangxu year 21 (1895), the Japanese army entered Taiwan from Yanliao and began their 51 years of occupation. The Japanese set up a monument here to remember their victory and the monument was rebuilt after World War II. The beach here is not steep and the waves are gentle; thus, sand sculpture is famous on Yanliao Beach. The most famous commercial seafood here is clams. In addition, along the tour track, visitors can enjoy the natural beach plants.The monumental on the beach was set up by the Japanese. After World War II, it became the monumen in memory of Taiwanese resistance against the Japanese. Now, Yanliao Bathing Beach is frequented by surfers, swimmers, divers and sea lovers. There are scenery balcony, tour tracks, public restrooms, parking spaces, shower rooms, and simple food courts. It will connect with Fulong Bathing Beach so as to provide a more complete tourist service in the future.Yanliao Beach Park, at 80 hectares, is the largest recreational area on the Northeast Coast and has the most extensive facilities as well. Its golden-sand beach stretches 3 kilometers all the way to Fulong, making it the longest in Taiwan. This is the ideal spot for a diverse range of seaside activities includings swimming, fishing, sand sculpture, and beach volleyball. When the Japanese began their 50-year occupation of Taiwan in 1895, Yanliao was where they landed. A monument near the beach commemorates those brave souls who sacrificed their lives resisting the occupation. In the future, Yanliao will be linked with Fulong into a complete recreational system including lookout platforms, walkways, and bicycle paths so that visitor can have a wide range of leisure options in addition to swimming.source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportasion and Communication
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