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Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark

Visit the natural geological classroom.Enjoy spectacular scenery, Queen’s Head.
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Updates : 2023-03-08

Travel tips

  • When visiting Yehliu in the hot summer, don't forget to wear sunscreen.
  • The shopping street at the entrance provides a place to rest or buy souvenirs.
  • Visit the cape along the North Coast and collect rocks of peculiar shapes, such as mushroom rocks and candle rocks.
  • This internationally renowned attraction was once compared by CNN to the Martian landscape.


Yehliu Geo-park features all sorts of strange-looking rocks. It is part of Datun Mountain that stretches out to the sea. Weathering, marine erosion, and crustal movement together created the world-renowned scenery of mushroom rocks, sea caves, tofu rocks, candle rocks, and giant’s kettles. Among all, Queen’s Head is the most representative landmark and check-in attraction in Yehliu. Cute Princess, a rock that resembles a girl with a pony tail, is considered the successor of Queen’s Head.
Yehliu Geo-park

Before entering the cape area, you will see duplicates of Queen’s Head and Cute Princess, as well as colorful cartoon rock figures. This place is shaded by trees and not too close to the rock area and the sea, making it a perfect place for children to take a break, or to take photos.

The coastal cape section is divided into three areas: The first area features diverse, strangely-shaped mushroom rocks and candle rocks. Here, you can see the formation process of mushroom rocks. Mushroom rocks of different sizes are presented here, creating a lovely and healing scene. The most popular spots in Yehliu: Queen’s Head, Dragon’s Head Rock, and Gorilla Rock, are located in the second area. This area is close to the sea, where you can find Fairy's Shoe and Peanut Rock. When coming to Yehliu, don't forget to look for these attractions. The third area is the wave-cut platform, featuring 24 Filial- Piety Hill and Pearl Rock. This place is also an important ecological conservation area of Yehliu Geo-park. When coming to Yehliu, don't forget to look for these attractions.
Yehliu Geo-park

Services & Facilities

  • Visitor Center
  • Parking Lot


■Yehliu Geo-park provides paid tour guide services; reservations are required 14 days in advance.
■Yehliu Geo-park is equipped with Islamic prayer room and toilets with bidets.
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