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Neidong National Forest Recreation Area

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Updates : 2023-01-31


The Neidong National Forest Recreation Area is a 1,000-hectare park situated in Rahaw, a neighborhood inof New Taipei City’s Wulai District. It is a national level ecological park, which locals affectionately refer to as Doll Valley, and it is most famous for the Neidong Waterfall.

The waterfall consists of three levels spread out like a white cloth pulled downward into the valley, with Japanese cedars forests enclosing it from the left and right. The cedars make the air rich in negative ions, boosting the health benefits of hikers and other visitors. In addition, the area is a virtual nature classroom, with an abundant variety of plant and animal life. Some to be on the lookout for include Formosan whistling thrushes and Formosan blue magpies, plus the park is considered one of Taiwan’s best places to go frog watching.
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