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Wulai Hot Spring

Wulai Hot Spring

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Updates : 2022-12-05


When speaking of “mountain springs”, people will first think of Wulai. In Atayal language, “wulai” means hot spring water. Therefore, Wulai springs is one of the most important parts in the daily life of Atayal people. Today, there are many spring hostels and classy spring hotels in Wulai which attract visitors to enjoy the spas in all seasons. After seeing the spectacular Wulai Falls, visitors can return to Wulai Old Street for dinner and find themselves a spring hostel to relieve the fatigue of the daytime tour before stepping on their return trip, joyously and relaxingly.

“Wulai Springs” are sodium bicarbonate springs that are great to remove keratin and promote metabolism. As sodium bicarbonate can whiten the skin, having a spa in sodium bicarbonate springs is often called the “beauty’s spa”.
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