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Tamsui Fishing Industry Cultural Image Gallery

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Updates : 2021-06-09


T amsui Fishing Industry Cultural Image Gallery is located on the intersection between Zhongzheng Road and Wenhua Road, near the end of Tamsui River. When you are strolling down the old street, it is very easy to miss this place. This place was originally a 60-year-old fishing depot. Director Xu-Zhong Chen spends his spare time carrying an old camera, travelng to every corner of Tamsui to caputre the image of his beloved hometown. The black and white photos photos are indeed precious images of the town. Other than exhibiting the photos, the gallery also sells post cards. Why not buy a few and share the beauty of Tamsui with some of your faraway friends?
Pictures and text in this section come from Facebook and Instagram. The copyright of them belong to the post creators.
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