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Fort San Domingo

Fort San Domingo

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Updates : 2022-12-05


The “Fort San Domingo Park Area” has been standing in Tamsui for over three hundred years, and is listed as a Level One Ancient Monument. It is comprised of architectures from colonial Dutch and Spain, the Qing rule to the Japanese period. There are two major buildings: the square “Anthony Castle” built by the Dutch in 1644, and the “English Consulate” constructed by the British after taking over. Tourists can thoroughly explore the castle style main building, western style consulate and the Qing dynasty castle gate and south entrance. The architecture is simultaneously used for multiple functions of military defense, consular business and prison dungeon, etc. Not only is the Fort San Domingo Plaza the best place for taking a picture, but don’t forget to gaze out at Tamsui river and Guanyin mountain. One of the eight wonders of Tamsui is the “sunset of beacon tower” located here. The glow of the sunset is not to be missed.

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