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Jump-stone Coast (Tiaoshi Coast)

Jump-stone Coast (Tiaoshi Coast)

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Updates : 2021-12-25

Travel tips

  • Fall going into winter is a great time to observe the dynamic sea of clouds.
  • You are recommended to use eco-friendly means of transportation such as buses, GoShare, and Youbike.
  • There is sufficient roadside parking. You can easily find parking and enjoy the view here.
  • In the evening, you can see the reflection of the beautiful sunset on the sea.
  • Enjoy afternoon tea at a roadside café here.


Along the Tamsui-Jinshan Highway (part of Provincial Highway 2) towards Shimen, mountains and cliffs are right next to the sea. The coastline stretches for 10 kilometers, with scattered gravels of different sizes on the shore, being washed by one after another white wave. Every year in autumn going into winter, the clouds in the sky on the North Coast are ever-changing. This beautiful sight has become a classic of Jump-stone Coast, bringing many tourists here. Either having afternoon tea at a nearby cafe or taking a stroll along the coastline, you can fully enjoy the unbeatable scenery of Jump-stone Coast.
Jump-stone Coast (Tiaoshi Coast)

The origin of the name, Jump-stone Coast
Before the Tamsui-Jinshan Highway was built, the turbulent waves here prevented travel. When residents and business travelers pass through this area, they must wait until the tide is low before they can jump over the gravels. This challenging process is what gave it the name, Jump-stone Coast.
Jump-stone Coast (Tiaoshi Coast)

Conversing with the stones from tens of thousands of years ago on the long coast
When visiting Jump-stone Coast, you can see round gravels everywhere. These are volcanic rocks from the Datun volcanic activity tens of thousands of years ago. Afterwards, the rocks rolled down in landslides and gradually piled up to form the beach. With the waves washing and the northeast monsoon, the rocks were eroded over a long period of time to become round gravels. The unique volcanic coast landscape is worthwhile for visitors to make a stop here, spend some time at the beach, and enjoy a relaxing time.
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