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Maoao Fishing Village

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Updates : 2021-09-27


For more than a hundred years, humble villagers live on culturing the vari-colored abalone (Haliotis diversicolor) and fishing. When visiting the village, visitors must take pictures of the “century-old stone houses”, valuable cultural heritage, to imagine the living conditions of the Kevalan people in those days. Lazy cats are another tribe inhabiting this humble fishing village. When they sun-bathe in the street and on the road, they look so cute.

From the “Old Caoling Belt Bikeway”, visitors can ride to “Mao’ao fishing Village” to see the century-old stone houses. The bonding method suggests the financial status of the owners. “Parallel bonding” suggests that the owners were rich enough to hire professional masons to build their houses, while “disorganized bonding” shows that owners were ordinary people.
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