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Houtong Cat Village

Houtong Cat Village

Come to this coal town in the mountain and experience the daily life of the old miners in the past years.
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Updates : 2022-12-05

Travel tips

  • Meet the chief of the cat station in Houtong station and take a picture with him/her.
  • Take a troller through the coal tunnel and feel the daily life of a miner in the old times.
  • Go visit Houtong Coalmine Ecological Park and go to the Museum to learn about the history of mining.
  • To taste the traditional local food, you must try the miner’s lunchbox and snacks around the train station.
  • Walk along Fuxing Bridge and admire the old diesel locomotive garage, the entrance to a mine and miner’s old dormitory.


Houtong Cat Village, a famous cat’s living place, contains rich layers of coalfields. It attracted many people coming to mine the black gold and made it into a very important town for the Taiwan coal mining industry in the past. Till today, it still retains rich mining relics, such as mine craters, trolleys, coal transportation bridge, miner’s dormitories, Ruisan Mining Industry Company and more. You even can take a trolley through the coal tunnel to feel the hardship life of the miners. You will never forget this unique experience.
Houtong Cat Village

Did you know Houtong used to have the latest coal production equipment?
Have you ever noticed the letters that says “Chan-Mei-Yu-Guo/Ruisan Mining Industry Company” on the wall of a black building when you take the train passing by Houtong? In the past, in order to mine the coal, and because of its geographical advantages, Houtong had the most advanced equipment for coal washing, selection and production. Thus, after the train in the Yilan Line came into service, it became the most important town that supported Taiwan industry with power fuels. The coal plant is the best witness to it.
Houtong Cat Village

Go to coal transportation bridge to explore the view of Houtong.

If you want to see the magnificent former coal plants, you may walk to the coal transportation bridge, where you not only can see the whole town and mining industry relics, but also admire the beautiful geologic pothole landscape of Keelung River. When night falls, the shadow of the coal transportation bridge that is across the valley and the lights on the bridge are reflected in the Keelung River, which makes the shots of the night view of Houtong  a must take for photographers.
Houtong Cat Village

Services & Facilities

  • Public Restroom
  • Parking Lot
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