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Shifen Railway Station

Shifen Railway Station

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Updates : 2022-08-24


Shifen Station is the largest station on the Pingxi Line and it used to be a major interchange station for trains. Train drivers will exchange old bronze passes (train passing permits) at this station to approve their passing. Shifen Old Street and Jingan Suspension Bridge near the train station are great tourist attractions to linger and take pictures. The journey walking from Shifen Station to Shifen Scenic Area is a marvelous one, because Shifen Waterfall is right next to the railway. There is a suspension bridge by the side of the railway to enjoy the waterfall. It is a completely different experience to linger on the suspension bridge and enjoy the passing trains. When the train heads for Sandiaoling Station from Shifen Station, you can enjoy the part of the Pingxi Line with the most special geographical features, because all the six tunnels of Pingxi Line are concentrated in this section.
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