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Juming Museum

Juming Museum

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Updates : 2023-08-25


Taiwan contemporary sculpting master “Ju Ming” chose the picturesque Jinshan district for organizing an 11-hectare art park. Works from his different periods were displayed in accordance with the landscape. The must see is the outdoor “Tai Chi Plaza”, presenting the powerful, one of a kind giant sculptures from the most significant Tai Chi series of works by Ju Ming. In addition, the pyramidal structure of the museum itself displays print, wood carvings and pottery works of Ju Ming. Here you can walk outdoors and delicately appreciate the art works both dynamic and static. The Museum area is beautifully planned and fit for photo lovers to pose uniquely with the large sculptures for creative photos.

The “Tai Chi Plaza” is the largest exhibition area. There is the most valued Tai Chi works series of Ju Ming, the powerful giant copper sculptures at the height of his creation, along with Gym Plaza and Life Plaza. One can take pictures of awesome sceneries as well as with breathtaking art sculptures when visiting this art park residing between the sea and mountains.

Plaza opening period of Juming Museum starts from May to October, and invites all for a visit; Please be reminded that the grass will be under maintenance from November to April and will not be used. 
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