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Gold Museum

Gold Museum

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Updates : 2022-12-08


There is not only the Gold Museum in the Gold Museum Area, but also tunnel experience, shrines, four joined Japanese style dormitories and the Crown Prince Chalet. Must see sights include the introduction and display of mining culture and gold physiology, the Guinness World Record largest “Gold Museum” gold block which weighs 220 kg and can be touched; exploring deep into the “BenShanWuKeng tunnel experience” mining tunnels; strolling amongst the best of the still existing Japanese style architecture and garden landscaping of the “Crown Prince Chalet”; and visiting the local mining industry guardian at the “ Gold Shrine,”etc. The “miner’s bento” is famous here, and the metal box containing the meal can be taken as souvenir.

This 220.3 kg gold block is the “Museum Treasure” of New Taipei City Gold Museum, and has won the Guinness World Record as the largest gold block in the world.

Admission charge

NT$80 per person (excluding DIY activities).
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