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Pinglin Old Street

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Updates : 2022-12-05


The entire street of “Pinglin Old Street” is about 200m long, with “Bao Ping Temple” at the center, which is the key belief for the locals. There are papier-mache stores, tofu snack stands, hardware stores and tea houses along the street, including the famous “Pinglin Pouchong Tea” in Taiwan. Stores on the old street are combined with Pinglin local tea culture, such that they used Pouchong Tea to make various creative snack foods, including tea rice cakes, steamed tea buns, tea nougats and tea oil vermicelli, etc. Moreover, Pinglin’s tofu is also famous, which is made with local mountain spring water, offering the sweet and delicious tofu dishes. When coming to Pinglin Old Street, one must come to taste the tea dishes and tofu, as they will definitely satisfy your gustatory sensation.

Walking forward from Pinglin Old Street, one will go pass “Pinglin Elementary School” and “Bao Ping Temple” - the key belief of the Pinglin people; the most special part is that the old street is filled with strong tea aroma, attracting many barn swallows to stop for a smell, and swallow nests can be seen in almost all of the surrounding residences, even exceeding the local population, thereby becoming the genuine “Barn Swallow City”.
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