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Sanxia Blue Tie-dye

Sanxia Blue Tie-dye

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Blue Dye is a traditional Taiwanese cloth dying technique. Woad, once the cash crop of Taiwan was used as colorant. Crisscrossing blue and white flower cloth was made after a complicated dying procedure. Sanxia used to be the center of the cloth dying industry of Taiwan during the late Qing dynasty. Up until this day, one can still see plaques of dye workshop along the street. Almost every family is into cloth dying work at the time, and there are different features and formulas in each one. The Sanxia Cloth Dying industry no longer has the glamour that it used to have, but many of the dying architectures were preserved. The Sanxia Dye Workshop (Blue Dye Display Center) was established for the blue dye culture. The most important thing besides understanding blue dye culture here is to experience blue dyes DIY, creating your own very unique blue dye product!

Blue Dye Experience begins from 1000 to 1600 every weekend. Accepts only reservations for group over 20 on weekdays and closed on Monday.

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