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Wulai Old Street

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Wulai is famous for springs and the hill cherry blossoms. As Atayal is the dominant local ethnic group, there are Atayal cultural tokens everywhere in Wulai. Most shops in Wulai Old Street have a strong “indigenous flavor”. Visitors can taste a wide variety of mountain foods in indigenous flavors, such as the charcoal grilled wild boar pork, spring cooked eggs, shell-flower leaf dumplings, rice cooked in bamboo tubes, and dishes made with aromatic litsea. They are rare “Taiwan indigenous specialty foods”. There are also the specialties like the millet wine and millet mochi that are great as souvenirs for friends.

Cherry blossom festivities are held in Wulai every February to April. Hill cherry blossoms, Fuji cherry blossoms, Yoshino cherry blossoms, and Taiwan cherry blossoms which bloom in turn attract many visitors to view them in Wulai.

In the 300m-long Wulai Old Street, visitors can taste a wide variety of Taiwan indigenous specialty foods, such as the millet wine, millet mochi, wild boar pork sausages, buns from Huashan Bun Bakery, etc. There are also spa hostels in the area.

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