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Huaxin Street (Burma Street)

Huaxin Street (Burma Street)

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Updates : 2022-12-21

Travel tips

  • Celebrate the annual Thingyan (Burmese Water Festival) together
  • Enjoy the most authentic Southeast Asian cuisines
  • Wander exotic streets with street signs in both Chinese and Burmese
  • Visit the largest Sino-Burmese community
  • Climb the nearby Mount Hongludi Trail


Located near the Nanshijiao MRT station in the Zhonghe District of New Taipei City is a street with the most diverse Southeast Asian cuisines in Taiwan: Huaxin Street, also known as Burma Street.Many Sino-Burmese immigrants that gather here are the descendants of the Burmese and Thai Army that retreated from Yunnan (China) who migrated to Taiwan for financial reasons. As a result, the local cuisine makes use of both Yunnan and Burmese cooking techniques, and tastes particularly authentic.
Myanmar Street

The largest Sino-Burmese community
In addition to its cuisine, Huaxin Street also has the largest Sino-Burmese community, and over the past decades, it has developed into the largest Southeast Asian cultural community in Taiwan. The streets are not only filled with various Southeast Asian cuisines but are also where the annual Thingyan takes place, and all the store signs are written in both Chinese and Burmese. It is also the place where the first Southeast Asian-themed bookstore in Taiwan — Brilliant Time — was founded.
Myanmar Street

Enjoy the most authentic Southeast Asian cuisines
The restaurants on Huaxin street are mostly local delicacies from Myanmar, Yunnan, Thailand and India. Although these shops have a modest interior, they actually serve the most authentic local Southeast Asian delicacies such as Baba rice noodles, coconut chicken, Mohinga (rice noodles in and fish soup), chicken curry, spicy pho, Chicken Lo Mein and Baya Kyaw (Yellow Split Pea Fritters). Such dishes cannot be easily found in other parts of Taiwan, so Sino-Burmese people all around Taiwan will visit Myanmar Street just to taste the food that relieves their nostalgia.
Myanmar Street
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