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Banqiao Rural Culture Park

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Updates : 2019-12-22


Rapid urban development in Banqiao has resulted in the disappearance of rural villages and traditional residences. Banqiao city cherishes the past and thus has built Taiwan’s first theme park featuring rural culture in an urban area. The park has a Changchun area, a traditional residence for a big family (Sanheyuan), folklore drama stage, and scenic garden. Through the traditional farm tools displayed in the Sanheyuan, you will know the living condition of people in an earlier time. Children can have a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle through the visit. Many senior citizens like to gather around the corridor and stage next to the park gate for games of Chinese chess or a casual chat. From time to time, the stage plays old films and puts on Taiwanese opera show to reawaken people’s memory of the good old days.
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