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Ciyou Temple

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Updates : 2022-06-01


The nearly 300 year old temple, often called Xinzhuang Matzu Temple, is the oldest in the district and a third-grade historic site. According to Taiwan Tongshi, a book about Taiwanese history, it began as a tiny temple but later became a religious center as local development accelerated and the site was expanded for the worship of Mazu. The temple was originally decorated with exquisite wood sculptures, stone carving and scissor-cut art work, but some of these decorations were later damaged by several typhoons. However, the main structure of the temple has been maintained by craftsmen after restoration efforts. The deity statues in the temple, including Mazu, Qianliyen and Shunfenger, have been here for several hundred years. They have witnessed the rise and fall of this place and can stir up visitors’ nostalgia about the old days.
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