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Shopping Area Outside Yonglian Temple

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Updates : 2022-12-05


For the Luzhou District, the Yonglian Temple was the center of development in the past. Today, it is the busiest shopping area and the center of traditional cuisine. Different types of markets take place in the area throughout the day. A traditional market in the daytime is a night market in the evening. Although visitors have to crisscross their way in the night market, a strong diversity of goods keeps shopping full of fun. Since the MRT Luzhou Line started to operate, a lot of people have visited here by the MRT for the tons of delicious street food catered here, including tofu pudding, thin noodles, Chinese meatballs, cured snack foods and rice glue balls, which have stayed true to the traditional flavor of the previous decades. As Luzhou was where the Taiwanese-style soup noodles originated, the traditional dish is by many restaurants in the district. A bowl of this yummy soup noodles is in order when you visit here.
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