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Hsinwang Shu Ceramics Memorial Museum

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Updates : 2022-08-30


The “Hsinwang Shu Ceramics Memorial Museum” on Yingge Old Street is the first tourism factory in Yingge to pass central government evaluation. Since its establishment in 1926, not only were a lot of historical artifacts preserved, but also the antiquated gas kiln, turning bowl machine, kicking pulley and other pottery making equipment from an earlier time. After transforming it into a tourism site, it began selling pottery products that are more “lively and creative”. There is also a professional DIY pottery making course on site, such as the popular hand-thrown pottery course, or the baby exclusive hands and feet press DIY work. The instructors are all passionate and friendly, and are loved by kids and parents alike!

If you are interested in pottery DIY, visit the Shu’s Pottery (Hsinwang Shu Ceramics Memorial Museum) at No.81, Jianshanpu Rd. There are popular hand-thrown pottery courses and baby exclusive hands and feet press DIY work.

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