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Sanxia History Museum

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Updates : 2023-06-28


Dubbed as the most beautiful government building in Taiwan, The museum was built in 1929 and used as the Sanxia Township office during Japanese rule. Now this building, the only Japanese government office in Sanxia, has been transformed into a museum displaying old documents and antiques that record the history of Sanxia’s industries, the Qingshui Zushi Temple and the Old Street. Sanxia Dye House, which is next to the museum and very close to park, provides courses, DIY sessions, and products of blue dye work. Even a short visit can make you feel the charm of this typical traditional skill of Sanxia. The only fee that is charged is for learning dyeing. Jinxingju, the traditional residence next to the park, has the typical characteristics of historic houses in Southern China, including one dragon structure, clay sculptures and colored pattern on the roof ridge and tiles with green glaze at the front side.
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