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Bali Left Bank Cycling Route

Bali Left Bank Cycling Route

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Bali Left Bank Bike Trail begins at Guanyin Valley River mouthand continues on through Basian Seacoast. It is 15 KM, plusor minus. Bali Left Bank Bike Trail is complete and level. It usesa combination boardwalk and cement pathway. As it runs along Tamsui River bank and crosses Guandu Bridge at one point it also traverses Bali Ferry Pier on to Wazihwei Nature Reserve and Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology. Those who have some resilience have what it takes to ride to the very end at Basian Seacoast. The trial passes humanist, recreational and ecological sites, winning the love of adults and kids alike.Taipei County Public Bike Rental StationBali Bike Rental StationIn the Left Bank Park02-8630-5530Bali Seacoast Bicycle Rental CenterNo. 122 Longmi Road, Bali County,Taipei County02-8630-5128
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