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Tamsui Golden Riverside Cycling Path

Tamsui Golden Riverside Cycling Path

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Updates : 2023-06-13


Every weekend Tamsui is full of people on the streets looking for food and something to do. Bikers get the chance to enjoy the beauty of Tamsui on their own. Here the sun sets with a golden glow that sparkle on the river of the right bank of the Tamsui River. These colors on the river is what gives the trail its name. The trail goes through the swamp at Tamsui River Mangrove Forest Reserve, the Old Banyan Tree, busy Zhongjheng Road, Little White House, Fort San Domingo and Fisherman's Wharf.Hongshulin (Mangrove) Bike Rental StationLocated at Red Line Shulin Station by the bike entrance to the station. Go through the underpass and it is the first lane.Guandu Wharf RentalsOn the north side of Guandu Temple by the wharf. Pass Dadu Road and turn on Jhuanjhihang Road. enter Guandu Temple Parking Lot, then walk to the rental shop.
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