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Dahan River Left, Right Bank Cycling Route

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Updates : 2023-12-18


The Dahan River Bike Trails run throughout Taipei County. There are Left Bank and Right Bank trails. The Left Bank Trail is a greenway through Xinzhuang, Shulin and Yingge and follows along Dahan River. Theroad condition is good, so this is a mellow bike ride to take. The Right Bank touches on Banqiao Huajiang Bridge, where it begins andcontinues on to Tucheng City. The 12 KM trip is mystifying. Dahan River Left Bank Bike Trail links with Erchong Huanjhuang Bike Trail, BaliRive Gauche (Left Bank) Trail or Golden Sand Beach Bike Trail. Dahan River Right Bank Trail links up with Xindian River Bike Trail.Chenglin Bike Rental StationUnder the Tucheng Chenglin Bridge02-2259-5499Fujhou Bike Rental StationUnder the Banqiao Fujhoou Bridge02-2719-2025Huajiang Bike Rental StationUnder Banqiao Huajiang Bridge02-2259-5499
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