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Xindian River Cycling Route

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Updates : 2022-09-16


The Xindian River Bike Trail is a free and easy trip that paralles. It begins at the beautiful red suspension bridge of Bitan and includes a boardwalk, concrete, cobblestone and asphault. The scenery traverses both big city highrises and excersize parks, but there is greeneryand flowers all along this level route. It is quite relaxing. Bikers with a good stamina are encouraged to ride to the terminus at Huajiang Bridge and continue along either the Left or the Right Bank Bike Trail of Dahan.Huajiang Bike Rental StationUnder Banqiao Huajiang Bridge02-2259-5499Yonghe Bike Rental Station(Holiday only)Under Yonghe Zhongjheng Bridge02-2719-2025Bitan Bike Rental Station(Holiday only)Bitan Sceneic Area East Bank02-8911-8854
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