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Wanli-Jinshan Cycling Route

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Updates : 2022-05-05


Another seaside bicycle trail that can't be missed is the Wanli-Jinshan Bicycle Trail, that allows one to have a relaxing ride from Zhongjiao Beach all the way to Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant No. 2. Along the route are beaches, ocean vistas, and attractive fishing villages. The central point along the trail is is Jinshan Tourist Center. South from there is breezy Guosheng Beach for flying kites, north is wavy Zhongjiao Beach for surfing and swimming.Beiguanchu Jinshan Tourist CenterNo. 2 Lane 171 Kuanggang Road,Jinshan Township, Taipei County02-2498-8980Jiouguotuan Jinshan Youth CenterNo. 1 Cingnian Road, JinshanTownship, Taipei County02-2498-1190
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