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Hunglodei Hiking Trail

Hunglodei Hiking Trail

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Updates : 2023-03-23


Hunglodei, which is also known as Nanshijiao Mountain, is the highest scenic point in Zhonghe District. It is home to many temples and a massive statue of the God of the Earth, the largest in Taiwan and built by benefactors of the 260-year-old Nanshan Fude Temple. Visitors often walk along the carefully arranged Hunglodei Trail, which can be reached by taking the metro to Nanshijiao Station and then following Xingnan Road toward the mountain. Another way is to drive to the foot of the mountain and begin walking near the old, three-section traditional Chinese building. The tree-covered trail is most beautiful in the beginning of spring when cherry blossoms are in bloom. From the top you can see the Taipei Basin, Taipei 101, Guanyin Mountain, Datun Mountain, and the Danshui River. It is also a great place to view the city at night.
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