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Guangfu Palace

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Updates : 2022-08-17


Guangfu Palace was called "Three Mountain King Temple" in the past. The king is the guardian for Hakka from Guangdong. This palace worships the three mountain deiies (Mt. Jin, Mt. Ming and Mt. Du) and is the only naional second grade historic site in Xinzhuang. The building conveys Hakka's spirits of diligence and simpleness. The temple is beauiful, lively, and built with various styles: the unvarnished woodcarving is the most special feature. Ater Hakka people let Xinzhuang due to the fight between the Fujian immigrants and the Guangdong immigrants, the palace lost some of its worshippers. As a result, the original style and features is preserved and now we can enjoy the beauty of tradiional architectural structures.
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