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Wusheng Temple

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Updates : 2023-11-16


Located at Xinzhuang Road and been built for240 years, Wusheng Temple is called Guandi Temple. It is the naional third grade historic site. Worshipping Guan Yu, Wusheng Temple is the oldest and largest temple in northern Taiwan and shares the itle of "Top Three Temple" with Ciyou Temple and Guangfu Temple. Ater rebuilding for many imes, this temple sill preserves many tablets and aniques, such as "Wan Gu Jin Zhong" writen by Shen Baozhen, wall wriing "Zhongxiao" and "Jieyi", large-scale ancient abacus and 500-year-old copper censer. Every year during the Lantern Fesival, a ceremony of passing the Safety Bridge is held to pray for people's safety and success.
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