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New Taipei City Travel

New Taipei Metropolitan Park (Erchong Floodway Riverside Park)

New Taipei Metropolitan Park (Erchong Floodway Riverside Park)

The world’s largest inclusive slide park for all ages, a heaven for having fun and relieving stress with the family
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Updates : 2023-06-09

Travel tips

  • A theme park that features endemic animals in Taiwan.
  • The fascinating thirty-one featured slides.
  • There are nearly one hundred types of recreational facilities for children to play in day and night.
  • The large slide at the MRT exit brings visitors to the Park instantly.


“Xiong Hou Sen Theme Park,” located in New Taipei Metropolitan Park, was opened in July 2020. The Park covers an area of 4 hectares, integrating Taiwan’s featured animals into its design. It is Taiwan’s largest inclusive slide park suitable for all ages. There are 31 slides of various sizes, and more than 100 recreational facilities. It is not only a heaven for children to have fun from morning till night, but also an ideal place for Parent and child sticking together.
New Taipei Metropolitan Park (Erchong Floodway Riverside Park)

The endemic animals in Taiwan turned into children’s playmates
Overlooking Xiong Hou Sen Theme Park from the heights, you will see different themes, including colorful sky, mountains, forests and rivers. Taiwan’s endemic animals are integrated into the themes by transforming themselves into large recreational facilities, such as Mikado pheasant stone slide, Formosan blue magpie climbing net, Formosan landlocked salmon climbing base and Formosan black bear swing. The commentary boards by the side introduce each animal’s name, characteristics and size, so that the public can gain knowledge while having fun. The opposite side of the boards describe in detail the suitable age and precautions for using the recreational facilities, ensuring a safe environment for children while they explore the fun and challenging facilities. The adorable animals are also favorite photo spots for adults!
New Taipei Metropolitan Park (Erchong Floodway Riverside Park)

Adorable vending vans for replenishing energy
There are vending vans beside Xiong Hou Sen Theme Park for tired visitors to replenish energy. The Park has a thoughtful design with family restrooms nearby and several barrier-free pathways, allowing the public to enjoy the Park to heir heart’s desire. Xiong Hou Sen Theme Park is open from 6 am to 10 pm. During the hot summer, visitors are advised to visit the Park in the evening. The Park is well lit at night, and will become a fun paradise for night party for children.
New Taipei Metropolitan Park (Erchong Floodway Riverside Park)

Services & Facilities

  • Parking Lot
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