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Yinghan Peak and Yinghan Trail

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Updates : 2021-06-09


Yinghan Peak is the highest place of Guanying Mountain. Yinghan Walkway is one of the walkways leading to Tough Guy Ridge of Guanying Mountain with a total length of 860 meters and more than 840 stone steps; it is regarded as the best place for training the strength of your feet in Guanying Mountain. The walkway to the top is in a thick bamboo forest of emeraly green under bright sunshine. Though 90% of the walkway consists of very steep stone steps, however, it is very easy to fine a bamboo stick nerby to help you climb the steps. Walking in the green forest, sometimes you may see tree frogs jumping and hear summer cicada singing; and accidentally you may also encounter the mountain cloud and mist floating around you to make you feel as in a fairyland. At the time of getting up to the top, you may see numerous butterfiles flying in the sky, which is a delightful sight to see. Moreover, this policemen. This might cause some astonishment for the climbers. There is a slogan on the archway on top of the Tough Guy Ridge saying, "Select a more difficult way to walk and a heavier burden to carry; Come to learn from a tough guy and become one." On a cleay day, Tamsui Dist. and Tamsui River are under your feet, so is the Guandu Bridge. Viewing the clouds passing in the sky, you can have a very good feeling about it.
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